Breaking the ‘Gibson’ and other tragedies…

So WordPress loudly and persistently announced yesterday that it’s 2 day old install was now out of date. Being a hep-cat, I decided I would upgrade. What could go wrong? Well the simple 5 minute instruction led me to 2 hours of troubleshooting. After sacrificing a live chicken and contacting Xenu I was able to once again get it working. I am not concerned except that I will have to keep careful watch on what parts of WP I edit.

I also discovered the wonders of Google Analytics and the disappointment of Google Developer Tools. Unfortunately Google won’t spider my site (or list it even).  The Google Developer Tools would not tell me anything other than the fact that I wasn’t listed and a link to a troubleshooting guide. After wasting a good chunk of my life trying to solve my ‘problem’  one of my co-nerds tells me that it sometimes takes months to get listed for the first time. I will wait, but I am keeping an eye on you Google.

Then I played around in Google Analytics. If you have a website and don’t have it, you should. It has some pretty graphs. I only have a limited number of hits, for obvious reasons, but I can see the potential. I will have to make a complete post on ‘target goals’ you can set etc. It will help me track the success of my ‘plan’.

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