Housecleaning…Lipstick on the blog pig

This post is pretty lean, but I wanted to make note of some changes that I have completed and why, before my big weekly post about some topic I have yet to pull from my ass. Some small upgrades I have made to the blog are updating the version of WordPress to 2.7. If you are looking for changes on the front end, don’t bother. All of the big changes are in the back end with administrator’s view of things changing to include a pretty side menu and a few menu changes designed to make the software more legible.

I removed the Google AdSense ad and replaced it in the post with an image. Frankly having it there made me feel dirty, like the time you went out with that lazy eye girl because she had tickets to see the monster trucks, but Truckasaurus was broken that night so you went for second base instead and discovered that mole. That kind of dirty. Anyway, I have removed the taint of commercialism, so any other taint is, sadly, my responsibility. Sorry.

I have activated a built in feature called Akismet. Akismet prevents spam comments on your posts. Sadly it has drastically reduced my comments to those who have me confused with Dan Rather’s radio frequency and the terminally disinterested. To activate Akismet I had to create an account at (not .org, where you can download the blog software itself). In creating the account you are given a unique code to enter in the Akismet configuration to make it ‘go’. It seems to work because Joel Kelly hasn’t posted to my blog since I activated it.

Links: I know I assume too much by allowing you to search out links to the software I talk about in the blog. So I went back through and included some of them for you. Is there anything else I can do for you? Perhaps come to your house and read the blog aloud to you? Maybe express it in frenetic dance to the easy listening rhythms of an Enya track? Jeesh, you are ungrateful…Anyway, having links is purportedly a good way to improve my ranking by looking like a good source of information. The links not being self-referencing (referring to information outside my website) the site is judged to be more useful and less likely to be a scam (make cheques payable to cash or directly to “The Church of Glenentology”).

Finally I  have added a component called TTF Titles that will help me add custom header images to each post. Adding a little visual stimuli to the blog helps keep you, the reader, from becoming comatose or dazzled by the letters by giving you some pictures to look at. I haven’t completed the changes yet, so in the meantime try to focus or open a split screen browser to your Google images search for ‘Priceless‘ images and try to keep up.

I know none of this information is too ground-breaking but you should consider most of it as a building process to creating a quality product. My future posts will display some of the small successes I have tracked through Google Analytics so far, as well as discussion of the addition of items to my subpages, in my case the Portfolio. In the meantime Happy New Year. May your year ahead be filled with nothing better to do but listen to my incoherent ranting.