You’re working for me now!**


I recently came across a interesting statistic:

In the past six months more video has been uploaded to YouTube than all the major networks in the past sixty years.

A particularly astute coworker challenged “Well,what quality is the video content?“. She was right, of course: one of the leading factors behind this statistic was the ability to easily upload iPhone video to YouTube and the site was being inundated by the minutia of daily life, hiding content of any value to the masses. This whole topic has led to proclamations of “The Death of YouTube!”.

Now I have no vested interest in the continued operation of YouTube but this got me thinking about an explanation of how social media can be useful in the face of peoples movies of their dog wearing glasses, tweeting what they are eating or uploading pictures of their bar mitzvah.

Here’s how it works: because content is readily available and plentiful, trying to be an individual in digesting social media is like drinking from the fire hose. What we can control is the people we surround ourselves in the social media space. It is already an ideal place to locate people with like-minded views, similar backgrounds, careers and lifestyles. Once you have this you are 99% of the way to leveraging social media rather than being buried by it.

Here’s how it works: every single person in my sphere of communication shares links, videos, articles and more importantly ideas with me and conversely I share the same with them. Content is already vetted by the fact that it comes from people I trust. Because my network is generally slightly different than anyone else I am able to introduce the new links, videos, articles and ideas to the community.

I say: bring on the content. I will find the quality stuff…because you’re workin’ for me now!

**due to the fact that this article isn’t the least bit funny, I have included random clips from 1989’s representative piece of┬ácomedic cinematic genius UHF” featuring Nobel Laureate Weird Al Yankovick. Enjoy!