McDonalds September Mornings. The ad appeared in heavy rotation nationally in September 2008 and is being reused again in February 2009 (see The Weather Network,,, etc). McDonalds was so pleased that McDonalds Canada wanted the animation added to the McDonalds Canada website. It received an Applied Arts Award in November 2008. Creative came from Fjord Canada and I was responsible for the execution. The ad was served through the EyeBlaster ad network and was configured using their tools:

McDonalds September Mornings

General Mills, Lucky Charms. The ad ran on targeted children’s websites such as Disney and Nickelodeon. It was part of a larger campaign featuring a micro site. This online ad also received an Applied Arts Award in November 2008. This ad was served via the PointRoll network:

Big Box

McDonalds Monopoly. Featured nationally. The ad was served via the MTK network:

Big Box

Generation of company portfolios for pitches. The flash was created in less than two days and has been reused by the agency a number of times since:

Council Of Premiers

Democracy 250:
Big Box

The online gaming community I created:

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